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PreApp Agent - Text Marketing


Increase Leads

PreApp Agent has some amazing featuresText code, view your listings, refer me button, contact form, digital business card and more.

Video Marketing

Add different videos with different marketing strategies to reach more potential buyers.

Add To Your Marketing

Put your personal text code on all your marketing material. Capture leads immediately when someone opts in.

About Us

what it does

PreApp Agent Generates Leads For Realtors! PreApp Agent gives you, the real estate professional a "Personal Text Code" that can be added to all of your marketing pieces. Not only that, but when someone texts your keyword, you get a text message capturing that person's cell number. The systems also allows you to schedule text messages to go out for special things like open houses or new listings. It gives users an option to add this icon to their mobile device where they will have quick access to your listings and your digital business card. PreApp Agent is a simple way to capture leads and to stay connected with your customers.

PreApp Agent Pricing

PreApp Agent Annual
$319.00 / yr
  • Easy Setup
  • One Keywords
  • Video Marketing
  • Contact Form
  • Listings Link
  • Digital Business Card
  • Testimonials

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